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A photo showing two wrist actigraphy devices.

ACTIGRAPHY and Health Monitoring: The Future of Personalized Wellness Tracking

Somnologists have treated sleep issues using a wide range of methods throughout history. Modern treatment approaches typically begin by identifying the main factor or the combination of factors contributing to a patient’s sleep problems before implementing a suitable treatment strategy. This approach is more personalized than other approaches and has a relatively high success rate.

This personalized treatment approach was rarely used in the past because it was difficult to monitor a patient’s sleep patterns and activity. However, the field of actigraphy has advanced tremendously with the advent of actigraph and health monitoring devices.

Let’s look at how Actiwatch activity monitor devices help professionals implement a more personalized approach toward sleep treatments.

1. Offering Detailed Patient Sleep Data

The introduction of wrist actigraphy devices changed the actigraphy field by helping professionals collect patient sleep data without having to actively monitor them at a facility. By using such devices, professionals can gain information such as a patient’s sleep duration and efficiency.

They can then use this personalized information to understand the true extent of a patient’s sleep problems and deduce their root causes. For example, professionals can confirm if a patient is lying in bed for several hours before finally falling asleep or if a patient is waking up several times during the night.

2. Tracking Treatment Results

Once the professional has understood the true extent of their patient’s sleep problems, they will recommend a specific treatment method. This could include encouraging better sleep hygiene, making lifestyle changes, or adjusting to a different sleep schedule.

The actigraph insight watch can continue collecting patient data during this period. This will help the professional track the treatment’s effectiveness. If they do not notice an improvement in the patient’s sleep quality, they can recommend a different treatment route.

The professional can continue using different treatment methods until they observe that the actigraph data indicates an improvement in the patient’s sleep.

3. Encouraging Patients to Stay On-Track With Treatment

Actigraph and health monitoring devices also encourage patients to stay on track with their treatment. Learning about their existing sleep issues and being able to track improvements gives them an incentive to continue with their treatment.

This offers an advantage over traditional approaches, where the patient remains unaware of the treatment’s effectiveness and stops following the professional’s advice.

A photo showing a close-up view of an actigraph.

Actigraph and health monitoring devices have revolutionized how professionals approach sleep disorder treatments. If you want to start using these devices in your patients’ treatment, consider checking out the actigraph devices and software from Condor Instruments.

We offer a wide range of devices and solutions for professionals seeking accurate and reliable patient sleep data. Start using Condor Instruments’s actigraphy devices and software today, or contact us to learn more.